Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Questions for 2010

Are the Yankees almost the most perfect team that money can buy?

At this point, is Johnny Damon as valuable as, say, David Dejesus?

Is Alex Gordon vastly underrated (by his own team and fans) going into 2010?

Is it hard for you to take a lineup including Kendall, Yuni, and Podsednik seriously?

Has anyone in the media ever actually asked Dayton for the names of the SABR/stats people on staff?

Will Greinke be the most awesome person ever elected to the Hall of Fame some day?

Is Jay Leno a total tool? Or just pathetic?

Should they just make St. Patrick the patron saint of beers and be done with it?

Who's going to face Mauer and Morneau in the eighth inning of a close game?

Does KSU really have a legit shot of making the Final Four?

Does anyone know the Sinead O'Connor-looking girl we saw at the flea market in Ozark last week?

If every repetitious thing you do has to be divisible by 11, does that mean you have OCD?

Do you really think Slugrrrrr popped that dude with a weenie?

Is Frank Martin your favorite person in the world?

Do you miss Mark Teahen yet?

Do you really believe that DeJesus can throw out any non-fat man going from first to third on a single to RF?

Do you wish that Trey Hillman had even a little bit of Frank Martin in him?

Do you think it's cool that Junior is reading Into Thin Air and Hiroshima?

What's the best way to get rid of man boobs? (Note that we're not at Mickelson crisis level or anything like that yet)

Do you think more people would start businesses if they didn't have to worry about staying at jobs they don't like in order to keep good benefits like health insurance?

Are the freakin Cardinals going to be good AGAIN?

Can you stand to watch another figure skating routine in your entire life?

Do you root for the hot girl in snowboarding regardless of country affiliation? Does that make you a pig?

How much do you think the Royals defense will be improved this season?

How much do you think the Royals new speed will help?

Do you agree that Noodling should be a new summer Olympic event?

Does Sarah Silverman turn you on?

Do you ever get the feeling the Royals are like that guy singing about bad credit in those free credit report dot com commercials?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mark Teahen's dog

Our take on the Farnsworth to the rotation deal...Whatever. We know he's gonna suck in the pen, at least when the game's on the line. He might suck less as a quasi starter.

Because we are going to Guatemala in late March, we're going to have be careful about alotting our time and money in April. We want to go to a Royals game in KC, but then there's also this.

We still don't have an @bigdonkeys Twitter account because Twitter is still retarded. But we admit that I'm on that thing now @lcfeyh. Yesterday, Mark Teahen's dog sent me a photo of Arizona. (And still there are some people who don't believe in progress.)

P.S. We don't remember what Jim Bowden looks like, but on MLB radio he sounds a lot like Dick Morris. We suspect both of them are very smarmy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There is unrest in the forest

Let's take your average Tea Party conservative, Sarah Palin, say. She doesn't trust science. She thinks a cold day in January is a good sample size. She thinks things like research and people from the Ivy League are fancy. She believes in conspiracy theories that don't have anything to do with the truth. She is very religious, almost fundamentally so. She believes that God is directing her. She doesn't know a thing about world geography. She thinks people like her are the real Americans (they are). She is vindictive. She does not like to be criticized. She lashes out at those who know more than she does. Her support comes almost entirely from people who don't read. She believes fair and balanced means covering her side of the story.

Now let's imagine your average Tea Party conservative running, say, the Kansas City Royals. He wouldn't trust defensive statistics due to the fact that they are a work in progress. He would be able to tell if a person is a good outfielder or basestealer by watching how fast they run. He would be able to prove that a shortstop is excellent based on one fantastic diving play. He would believe that scouts and old-schoolers are the real Americans. He would use the word "grit" to describe the kinds of people he's comfortable with (white people). He would blame poor results on bad luck. He would firmly believe that it's God's destiny for the team to reach the Promised Land. And anybody in the media who questions The Process would be banned from the stadium.

Now think of Major League Baseball as the United States of America. You would have star players and executives making impossibly over-inflated wages. There would be really bad contracts everywhere. The power of the unions would end up hurting job security in the long run. You would not be able to solve the steroid problem for decades because it's just too complex and there are money people who don't want you to do anything about it anyway. The inequities between teams would be so great that there would be cries of oppression from the weak. A system would be put in place in which the powerful teams would be taxed and a portion of the money would be shared for the good of the game. There would be discussion about salary caps and increased trading potential. Cries of socialism would ultimately get louder and louder.

And so on.