Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A license to shit in the streets

Read Keith Richards' book. I dog-eared a bunch of pages. The following are apparently the lines I liked while reading:

There's no way to stop a primate. If I'm in, I'm in.

It's not something you take in the head, it's something you take in the guts.

Unfortunately, he screwed up with the chicks and had a short life.

Yet it is true that one day we looked at this mess, Phelge and I, and thought that there was perhaps nothing else to do than to clean it.

We despised money, we despised cleanliness, we just wanted to be black motherfuckers.

We're half man and half horse, and we got a license to shit in the streets.

Their elitism was total bullshit. Ken Kesey's got a lot to answer for.