Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Meeting Wonderland

First. Junior and I took our yearly trek to the mall Saturday morning. It wasn't that bad. Well, it was a little overwhelming at first -- so we headed straight to the food court. Then we hit about four stores like nobody's business and got all of our shopping done. Even the traffic jam getting out of the mall war zone didn't diminish my enthusiasm for having that over with.

Question. If the Royals signed Old Pudge and Bedard and found a decent young centerfielder with promise somehwere, would you consider this off-season a success?

My answer: That depends. If they really do non-tender Jacobs and Buck and if they can figure out some way to get rid of Guillen, then yes.

Question No. 2: Would you rather trade with the Mets or the Cubs?

Dayton's answer: That depends. Which team has the most players who were in the Atlanta organization at one point?

Question No. 3: What's the difference between a golf ball and a Cadillac Escalade?

Tiger's answer: I can drive a golf ball 400 yards.

P.S. Sounds like Dayton did a good job in signing this Cuban pitcher kid.


Big Donkeys said...

For a long time, the buzz in baseball's cerebral vortexes has been that Juan Pierre sucks. I just assumed that was true. But maybe not? I just looked up the stats. Dude had a .365 OBP and 30 steals last year in 300 at-bats. He had 65 steals as recently as 2007. In short, while Pierre might not be an amazing player, he's better than Joe Gathright and 80 percent of the rest of the crap the Royals usually trot out there. Sure, he makes way too much money. But if we can unload one of our shit contracts for him (not Meche), I definitely wouldn't trash the deal.

Big Donkeys said...

P.S. I'm just going to leave comments in this thread until something actually happens involving a free agent or trade.

Big Donkeys said...

I love listening to XM Radio during the winter meetings. But Kevin Kennedy is a joke. He has a personal story to tell about everything. Everything is about him.

If Brayan Pena was going to be in the Royals catching plans, how come he didn't catch a lot at the end of last season?

Big Donkeys said...

Posednik and Kendall? Oh God.

Big Donkeys said...

Just listend to a Chris Getz interview on 810. He says he wants to put up a .400 OBP. I'm starting to like him.

Yes, I am talking to myself.